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Since Groundspeak launched in 2000, we've been inspiring discovery, exploration and adventure. We do this by providing tools for the creation and sharing of story-worthy moments. Our goal is to make everyone an explorer and to put an adventure in every location.


In May 2000, the U.S. government turned off Selective Availability, a feature which limited the accuracy of GPS signals for civilians. Within 24 hours, Dave Ulmer placed the first geocache (at that time called a "GPS Stash") and posted its coordinates online. Within three days, two people used their own GPS receivers to find the container and shared their experiences online.

Four months later, Jeremy Irish began as a listing site to support the hobby. He was soon joined by Elias Alvord and Bryan Roth, who he worked with in his "real job" at a late 90's dot-com era startup. The three men were inspired by the ways in which location-based technology could enhance outdoor recreation. They founded Groundspeak Inc. to explore this matter and manage The founders obtained initial funding for the site from the sale of 144 donated geocaching t-shirts.

In the years since its founding, Groundspeak has continued to develop tools that leverage technology to create unique adventures in the real world. The company's product portfolio expanded to include in 2005 and in 2008. Groundspeak is a privately held company in Seattle, Washington.

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Our Founders

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Jeremy Irish, Co-Founder, CEO, is responsible for managing Groundspeak's platform development, creative direction and Geocaching R&D program Labs. His previous experience includes four years as a Cryptologic Linguist in the U.S. Air Force and over 11 years in web-based app development, including three years as a Webmaster for General Electric.

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Bryan Roth, Co-Founder, Vice President, powers Groundspeak by guiding the development of the adventure through promotions, community relations, Trackables, and advertising. Bryan graduated from Binghamton University in New York and Emory Law school in Atlanta. Geocaching united his family, literally. Bryan met his wife and adopted son Dylan at a geocaching event in 2001. They've since added to the family with a firecracker of a son named Nicholas.

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Elias Alvord, Co-Founder, Board Member, built the technical infrastructure for the company. Elias attended Northeastern University and has a background in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has been designing networks and telecommunications systems for over 20 years and has expertise in server hardware technology, database management and scalability, and multiple programming languages. Elias and his wife are passionate supporters of the arts community in Seattle. He currently serves Groundspeak as a board member.

Our Team

The remainder of the Geocaching HQ team is made up of a broad spectrum of about 70 everyday explorers. We have a dream team of genius developers, top-notch community relations specialists, brilliant designers, IT wizards, finance phenoms, marketing aces, incredible admins, HR heroes and talented techies. Think you belong on the team? Check out the jobs page.

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Our Partners

Groundspeak partners also include geocaching organizations, retail distribution partners, park systems and you!

If you are interested in partnering with Groundspeak please email

Minotaur Mazes

Minotaur Mazes' GPS Adventures introduces maze visitors to the world of navigation and geocaching, opening the door to new and enriching life adventures.

Magellan CITO Sponsor

Magellan is the Cache In Trash Out sponsor, providing ongoing support of geocaching and the worldwide effort to keep the environment litter-free.

Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails

A partnership with the National Wildlife Federation to encourage parks departments and the public to create trails with a series of branded caches and a fun passport to stamp along the way.

GEICO - Find The Gecko

A sweepstakes to enter to win 1 of 20 GPS devices from Magellan, and a giveaway of 9,000 custom GEICO Gecko trackables.

Timberland Trail of Heroes

A promotion throughout Europe to encourage the discovery of new geocaches and chances to win cool Timberland gear.

Dinosaur TrainPBS Kids

PBS/Dinosaur Train

Special Dinosaur Train themed geocaches were hidden by PBS stations throughout the U.S., featuring fun dinosaur facts.


A U.S. promotion in which thousands of custom Expedia trackable tags could be found and redeemed for $50 discounts at Expedia.

Girl Scouts

As part of their 100th anniversary celebration, Girl Scouts and have introduced a new Geocaching badge for Girl Scout Juniors. Badge requirements are available through council stores.

David Garrett

A global promotion with 1,500 custom trackable tags and chances to win great audio equipment prizes.

Project A.P.E.

A partnership with 20th Century Fox to place movie artifacts inside geocaches around the world.

Jeep 4x4

Three years of U.S. promotions in which Jeep Travel Bugs were released into geocaches as part of photo contests and chances to win new Jeeps.

Unite for Diabetes

A global campaign with custom Travel Bugs and Geocoins to promote the UN’s recognition of World Diabetes Day.

ARTSCrush: Geocrush - The Art of the Treasure Hunt

A partnership to encourage creative and artistic geocaches in support of the Seattle arts community.

Geocache with Rails to Trails Conservancy

A partnership to encourage the mapping of the trail system.

Garmin County Caching

A photo contest with chances to win travel prizes.